We are the solution to your digital needs, to integrate and grow in the new reality.

“Adapt or die” is now an obligation in business. We support you to transform yourself, improving your processes with digital solutions, finding viable and accessible options just for you.


How do we do it?

At NEDI we are passionate about solving problems.  We support people and organizations to improve their results, with viable strategies according to their level of business maturity, resources and preferences. 

There are no magic recipes for everyone, that’s why we start by getting to know you with a diagnosis of your current situation, to define together the best solution… just for you. 

We can help you if...

Based on maturity diagnostics, we identify the best way to support you in taking your company to the next level, with training and consulting. 

We help you improve your results with websites, apps, administrative systems and custom development. 

Offering solutions for the needs that matter most to you: NOM 035 Digital, IMAN 

NEDI is your best choice in a sea of isolated digital offerings

Proven experience in digital transformation for +20 years. 

Team of talented and committed digital specialists, with high-level managerial and consultative experience. 

We master the BEST PRACTICES in the industry, and we keep updating ourselves. 

We offer tailor-made solutions, with monthly rental options for services, to support your economy in these times of crisis. 



José Luis Quintero​
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My experience with Rafael Pavón has been for many years and always extraordinary. I am going to refer specifically to a large project consisting of the design of a platform for PlanV Virtue-Based Leadership exercises. Rafael was dedicated from the beginning to understand the spirit and functioning of the model to make sure that it faithfully represented the value proposition promised to the client. He was involved in assembling the perfect team of programmers and with great discipline he reported week by week on the progress made. As the development progressed, he was in charge of adapting the functional requirements to the capabilities of the selected software (Moodle). Thanks to his deep knowledge of the model, he was able to offer very functional alternatives to the programming obstacles faced. In the end the product has been successful for over 6 years, with over 3,000 registered students. I would request Rafael Pavón's services again in any type of project involving digital development. His technical skills, his service attitude and his great responsibility have made him an exceptional resource for PlanV projects. 100% recommendable!
Rogelio Aguayo
Rogelio AguayoSuKarne Information Technology Assistant Manager
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I worked with Rafael a few years ago, undoubtedly a very committed person, with great knowledge in the different practices of Information Technology and above all applied knowledge, as his experience in the field allowed him to put into practice many of these theories. And although it is not directly related to his experience in technology, Rafael has a focus on human development and emotional intelligence of employees, an ideal complement for us who are in this industry and normally only express ourselves in bits and bytes.
José Alcocer
José AlcocerData Area Manager, Aeroméxico
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"Rafael and Claudia have given us a great support to the team, by conducting dynamic courses to promote and practice the agile work culture. They enabled very practical virtual dynamics that facilitated learning, and had a high level of professionalism."
Gustavo Torres Galindo
Gustavo Torres GalindoAccount Manager BBVA
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Thanks to NEDI's collaboration, GoNet was able to adopt AGILE, which allowed us to improve our work dynamics and provide our clients with better IT solutions. NEDI instructors have passed on their experience and expertise in work strategies to our collaborators, which have helped us to better engage with our clients.

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